About Alweld Design:

Each Alweld boats and boat part is designed by the Owner himself using the latest CAD software.

Designing with CAD ensures a high degree of accuracy (for the customer,) consistency and repeatability (for the dealer.)

Alweld has the widest variety of standard boat configurations available. Standard boat configurations allow the customer to choose a boat that closely matches their needs while still keeping the cost to a minimum.

Each boat has numerous available options that allow the customer a good bit of customization even on standard product.

From the moment your boat is ordered, each part is checked for fit and functionality before it is ever put into production.

Again, the design of each and every boat Alweld produces is personally undertaken by the Owner.

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About Alweld Machining:

Alweld boats uses CNC plasma cutting technology to precisely cut each and every boat hull, as well as the boat parts.

The precision of CNC tecnology means that our boats are built to the very highest degree of quality, accuracy and consistency.

For us, it allows us to fashion boats and parts with less man power and at a much faster rate. CNC technology minimizes human error so that they guys building the boats know that the parts they are fitting today fit in the same way they did yesterday, a week ago, or even a year ago. And the customer purchasing an aftermarket part for their boat knows it will fit.

CNC parts are cheaper to build because they are less labor intensive than hand cut parts, which allows us to keep our prices low while maintaining the very highest quality – our first priority.

About Alweld Pressing:

Alweld boat and parts are pressed using both hand operated and computerized presses.

Our computerized press, as with the CAD design, is programmed personally by the Owner. Each identical part is pressed exactly the same, ensuring a perfect fit into the hull.

Keels – bends in the metal – are pressed into the hull of the boat to increase the hull’s strength, intergrity and durability. An added benefit of more keels is a straighter ride, with less sliding and better handling.

Despite the extra aluminum used with the additon of each keel (and hence the added cost of production,) Alweld boats proudly have more keels than those of most other aluminum boat manufacturers, making our boats extremely tough and very maneouverable.

After keels are pressed, the hull pieces are formed to the shape of the boat. Alweld boats are wider from chine to chine in the front. This creates more space in the boat and ensures a drier ride.

About Alweld Welding:

Alweld uses TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding on all external welds.

The center keel on all of Alweld’s boats is a strong, complete TIG weld forming the two pieces together. No extrusions are used to keep the hull together.

TIG Welding produces a leak-proof seam, which MIG welding cannot. And since TIG welding creates a narrow heat affected zone, stress, cracks and distortion are virtually eliminated.

On external welds such as the corner brackets and nose caps, TIG welds create a smooth, strong seam.

The diagrams below illustrate the differences between the Center Keel Construction on Alweld boats (a TIG weld, like all Alweld external welds) and those of many other manufacturers – A Centre Keel extrusion.

Like all aspect of Alweld’s boat construction, our guiding principle is to build boats of the highest quality.

About Alweld Assembly:

After the hull is welded together, assembly takes place, including the welding of ribs to the inside of the hull.

Ribs are what give a boat it’s structural strength. They run the width of the boat and up both sides of the boat.

All Alweld boats are produced with ribs close together to create strength, integrity and durability. On especially large boats the ribs are even closer together to keep the boat from breaking up under stress.

Our Vee bottom ribs have several advantages over our competitors. First of all they are flat on top. This makes standing in the boat easier with a level rib. Also it makes installation of a flat floor much easier. The solid rib also adds great strength, as opposed to the rib being cut and bent to be welded into the boat.



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